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Novella Project We're really proud.

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About Novella

2013 - Completed and launched "Novella", our 30' solar powered boat capable of ocean waters.

In June to July of 2013, Novella repeated our 2003 circumnavigation of Long Island on the same 330 mile course in just 6 days. In September of 2014, Novella was single handed to Florida in 23 days border to border. On this 1,250 mile voyage Novella averaged 50 miles per day. This boat is powered by 3,000 watts of solar energy. It is currently docked in Melborne, Florida our future plans (should we get the support needed) include a voyage around florida and the keys, possible trip to Cuba and at the end of spring, the return voyage home.

Video Description

pre-reconstruction test of our future solar boat hull - it currently has 1200 watts on the roof. the final project will have 2800 watts of the highest efficiency modules available and will travel great distances in rough waters. launch date is Earth Day, Around Long Island day is the summer Solstice. For information and or to help support our cause, please visit

Formerly known as Sunchaser Project Soon to be Novella


Solar Pioneer International, inc.

About Sunchaser

This project is the first by Solar Pioneer International, Inc.

The "Sunchaser Project" provides an inspirational platform for both solar energy education and an education in protecting our marine environment. The demonstration of a non-polluting marine propulsion system which is sustainable by renewable energy instead of fossil fuel while at the same time being cost efficient and an unforgettable experience to most visitors.


About Suncatcher

2009 - Our third solar powered boat "SunCatcher" was designed as a shallow draft pontoon style boat.

This boat spent 3 years making trips all around the Peconic Bay area including voyages to Sag Harbor and Greenport from its home base in Riverhead. It had as many as 14 persons on board and entertained the downtown riverfront with a local drumming group, Saxophone and Clarinet music and karaoke singing using 2,200 watts of solar.


Solar Pioneer International, inc.

3rd WaveAn improved craft that completed the first solar powered circumnavigation of Long Island


Solar Pioneer International, inc.

About 3rd Wave

The first solar powered circumnavigation of Long Island was successfully accomplished starting June 26, 2003, finishing July 6, 2003!

3rd Wave is the second completely solar (PV) powered boat built by Gary Minnick of Go Solar. The first solar powered boat, “Peconic Sun” was designed for and is still cruising around the Peconic Bays on the Eastern End of Long Island. Peconic Sun set the solar powered boat speed record for the 6.6 Nautical Mile run around Robins Island of 2 hours, 3 minutes and 31 seconds. 3rd Wave is larger and was designed specifically for an around Long Island voyage.

Peconic Sun An early Solar Electric craft


Solar Pioneer International, inc.

About Peconic Sun

Our first PV powered boat, the “Peconic Sun” started with an O’day Rhodes 19 sailboat hull that was donated by Strongs Marine in Flanders, NY.

Our first solar powered boat, the “Peconic Sun” economy cruises at 4 knots with a top speed of 5 knots, and has a 40 mile a day range without sun and the sun gives it a 15 mile a day additional range.<

We had a lot of fun with Peconic Sun, including setting the around Robins Island solar powered boat record of 2 hours, 3 minutes and 31 seconds for the 6.6 Nautical Mile run.

Solar Travelers No More Noisy Generators!

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About Solar Travelers

Our first Solar Traveler was built in mind to Power your Weddings, Graduations, Parties and Festivals, or as a Solar Sound Stage and any event. It was also planned for Powering Green “House Construction” from the ground up. Later Solar Travelers were used to Recharge Electric Cars, power live music and provide disaster relief after hurricane Sandy.

Our next step in the Solar Traveler Project was to create the Mini Solar Traveler Model.

Specifications: Solar Power- 2.2 KW / Battery Storage—20 KWH A/C Power Available Circuits Available - 2 - 30 Amps and 2 - 15 Amps

Sunshack Renewable and Sustainable Solar powered compact structures

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About Sunshack Project

The Sunshack Education Center was build as Sunshack 2 and served as a portable Solar Education center, although the Sunshack could also be used for Residential, Municipal, Commmercial and Healthcare purposes.

The Sunshack was found at many local events where you join in learning about renewable energy and all things solar in our portable solar classroom! You could see live solar demonstrations in action and witness solar energy turned into modern electric usage and solar energy heating up domestic water.

Sunshack 1 had a translucent PV ceiling / roof which allowed natural Sunlight to enter, providing natural heat and light. Lesser models are converted structures that have renewable and sustainable features to fit a variety of needs.

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