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We ask for your support and will give back in turn Solar Pioneer International, Inc. is fully supported by donations.

If you like this project at the grass roots level, you can support us several ways.

Make a general donation. Solar Pioneer International is fully supported by donations. If you like this project at the grass roots level, you can contribute any amount you wish.

These are our firsts so far:

1994 - Our first "Sunshack" Was a Tiny Home before its time and was designed and used to demonstrate solar electricity using translucent solar modules as a roof.

1999 - First Solar Powered boat on Long Island. Our 19foot "Peconic Sun" Made lots of trips around Peconic Bay using Solar Energy for propulsion including a 6 mile trip around Robins Island using 200 watts of solar energy.

2003 - First Solar Powered Boat to circumnavigate Long island, our 24 foot "Third Wave" made the 330 mile voyage around Island in 11 days using nothing but 760 watts of Solar Energy.

2006 - Our newest "SunShack" Is a more complete trailer-able education center featuring 1,200 watts of PV modules, a solar water heating system and a 400 watt tilt up wind turbine. It was designed to be a miniature home and is now used as a solar powered, off the grid cabin.

2009 - Our third solar powered boat "SunCatcher" was designed as a shallow draft pontoon style boat. This boat spent 3 years making trips all around the Peconic Bay area including voyages to Sag Harbor and Greenport from its home base in Riverhead. It had as many as 14 persons on board and entertained the downtown riverfront with a local drumming group, Saxophone and Clarinet music and karaoke singing using 2,200 watts of solar.

2009 - Our "Solar Traveler" Solar power generator on wheels. The unit served to powere bands at the riverhead country fair, the blues festival, brookhaven town fair and the patchogue music festival to nave just a few venues. It is also Long Islands first Electric Vehicle charging station using 2,200 watts of solar.

2013 - Completed and launched "Novella", our 30' solar powered boat capable of ocean waters. In June to July of 2013, Novella repeated our 2003 circumnavigation of Long Island on the same 330 mile course in just 6 days. In September of 2014, Novella was single handed to Florida in 23 days border to border. On this 1,250 mile voyage Novella averaged 50 miles per day. This boat is powered by 3,000 watts of solar energy. It is currently docked in Melborne, Florida our future plans (should we get the support needed) include a voyage around florida and the keys, possible trip to Cuba and at the end of spring, the return voyage home.

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